Mobile Art

Mobile art is mainly known as kinetic art. It is an art form formed from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect. Most kinetic art are kinetic sculpture. Sculptures that move in the wind or by weight. What I have created here is not your typical mobile or kinetic art.


The meaning of mobile art in this case is art that is made on any mobile electrical device. The devices can be cell phones, tablets, or ipod touch. What these devices need to create mobile art are programs that let individuals draw or paint. AP's like Brushes, Sketch Book Pro, or Adobe Touch.


The AP's I mainly use in this case are Brushes, Sketch Book Pro, Adobe Ideas, and PS Express. Most of the paintings here are made when I was out and about, or taking a break from making advertisements . As much as I like drawing in my sketchbook, its sometime fun to make full colored sketches on my ipad or itouch. For the most part it's just fun to making artwork on any device or medium I can get my hands on.