Oni 667 Panting

Project Oni 667 is a cross cultural and art medium project. The main idea around Oni 667 is to combine eastern and western cultures in a beautiful and dark theme. The styles that come into play in this project are modern Ukiyo-e known as  japanese manga ( also called japanese wood ink block paintings), american comic, and mannerist lighting. The project first started as a photography project and then grew to illustration, digital paintings, and into my mobile art project.


Japanese culture like any other culture has a rich folklore. Demons, devils, ogres, and trolls are commonly known as yokai. An oni is a type of yokai. Onis are a cross type of monster. They are a cross between ogres and trolls. Classically depicted has hideous, gigantic ogre-like creatures with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns. There basic shape is humanoid for the most part. But occasionally, they are shown with unnatural features like odd numbered eyes or extra finger and toes. Their skin tones and color come in any number of shades. The most common are red and blue.  Oni clothing are normally depicted wearing
tiger-skin loincloths and carrying larger iron clubs, called kanabo. In class Japanese folklore oni are male demons. Most demons and monster in their folklore are mainly male demons.


Reading many folklore and myths from different parts of the world, I've come to the conclusion that most monsters or demons are male. Most often these male monster and demons do the most horrific act to humanity.


Female demons are depicted selling children, seducing men, or trying to stay young. If you where to put this into a scale of one to ten, it be 5 maybe a 6. You would think the saying," Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" would have great meaning in myths and folklore. But, the quote looks to be false both in western and eastern mythology. The female yokais are shown to be strong but not to the point that you feel they are invincible. Both in painting and stories many do not have symbols that show great strength.


In project Oni 667 it is my goal to try to show that women can be beautiful, dark, and violent. The female oni in this project are the personification of chaos. They do not stand for hell or heaven. They are the agents of chaos. These onis only stand by and for their sister in arms. Part of my goal is to show that women are not as frail and weak as they are depicted in most ancient stories and painting. They are strong, powerful, and sometimes violent. In times of great need they can even show more strength than men.